Business Engineering

Purchasing Service

We manage your purchasing operation with the strategic mission of contributing to increasing your financial results, optimising your supplier relations and protecting your company through the management of stock shortages, disputes and incidents.

We guarantee satisfaction by obtaining the best performance from suppliers (quality/cost/delivery times/services).


We make our network of suppliers around the world available to you, thus increasing your negotiating capacity.


Thanks to our business network, BUSINESS PROJECT AND CAPITAL INVESTMENT SARL ensures the setting up of business relations (commercial or technological) between a supplier and a purchaser. The mission of our consultants in this case is to enable the different parties to agree on the terms and conditions of the planned operation.

Depending on the contractual specifications, we may or may not take part in the negotiations between the parties and ensure that the parties are brought closer together until a contract is concluded.

Business facilitation

Our network in Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Liberia, Senegal, Mauritania and Burkina Faso will assist you in the following operations:

  • Access to the Ivorian and West African market
  • Purchase of agricultural and mining products
  • Assistance with administrative formalities (assistance with consulates, employers, trade unions, for company creation, legal, tax, social and logistical assistance, etc.

BUSINESS CAPITAL AND CAPITAL INVESTMENT Ltd assists you through all phases of the processes until complete satisfaction.

Cost Killing

Cost-killing or cost reduction is an area of expertise aimed at reducing costs in a company in order to increase profitability.

The main areas of cost-killing

  • Optimisation of social costs,
  • Tax optimisation,
  • The search for subsidies,
  • Optimisation of the Research Tax Credit,
  • Optimisation of purchasing and overheads.

Companies that do not have sufficient skills and legal monitoring often pay too many employers’ taxes. BPACI Ltd, through its expertise in this field, carries out legal monitoring and then analyses client data. If potential savings are identified, we prepare a claim to recover the overpayment from social organisations.

Taxation related to real estate is complex to track. It is often difficult to calculate the tax bases and therefore to know whether the amount of tax is fair or overvalued.

In the field of property tax optimisation, the methodology of assistance depends on the nature of the building properties (whether commercial or industrial). For commercial properties, the methodology is based on the validation of surface areas and then the theoretical calculation of the taxable amount. For industrial establishments, it is necessary to analyse the fixed asset lines relating to buildings and installations. It is necessary to update the fixed assets data file with regard to the property accounts. The objective is to identify fixed asset lines to be removed from the assets as well as fixtures and fittings related to equipment that would have been allocated to a property account, thereby increasing the basis for calculating the TF. In all cases, we draw up the application for tax relief and forward it to the tax authorities.

Some companies can benefit from subsidies, in particular from local authorities. However, due to a lack of time or knowledge, they never prepare a dossier. We find potential subsidies on behalf of the client and help him to put together his file. Our remuneration always remains a percentage of the incoming cash flow.

Often due to lack of time or purchasing volume, non-strategic purchases are neglected. This can therefore be a source of savings. These include hygiene supplies, office supplies, copiers, telephony, insurance, electricity, etc. BPACI Sarl will identify recurring expenses. On the same quality basis, it will launch consultations which will surely lead to potential savings. We can also propose new modes of consumption or organisation (e.g.: outsourcing a service, less costly change of technology in the short term).

We have the advantage of knowing all market prices. We therefore have the ability to stop negotiations when those prices are reached. Throughout the year, we organise a strategic watch on all types of purchases. We will therefore go much faster than a general management that does not have an internal purchasing department. The first advantages therefore appear after a few weeks. In addition, certain expenses, such as insurance or telephony, require specific and technical consultations that are often difficult to manage internally due to lack of knowledge.

International Trade

Export Assistance

For VSEs and SMEs wishing to conquer the international market, BUSINESS PROJECT AND CAPITAL INVESTMENT Ltd opens its network to them and accompanies them at each phase of their commercial development or establishment.

Commercial Representation

The aim of sales representation is to develop the sales of an organisation that is not present in a given territory. BUSINESS PROJECT AND CAPITAL INVESTMENT Ltd helps foreign companies to set up the resources adapted to the targeted objectives, and to manage its commercial development.

Project Management

Industrial consulting

BUSINESS PROJECT AND CAPITAL INVESTMENT Ltd accompanies you from the project idea to the implementation phase of your industrial project.

Search for Funding

The growth of your company requires financing of its ambitions. From the financing of its working capital requirements (WCR) to the financing of an investment project and research and development financing, you will need expert advice in this area.

The expertise of BUSINESS PROJECT AND CAPITAL INVESTMENT Ltdconsists in offering support to our clients wishing to find funding adapted to their needs. Our experts will accompany them in identifying possible sources of funding and in structuring requests to funding organisations.

Our approach is simple and very effective. It includes :

  • Tailor-made support
  • The identification of partners capable of carrying out your project
  • Optimising the funding of your projects

Identification of available funding sources

Project Analysis and Strategic Coaching

BUSINESS PROJECT AND CAPITAL INVESTMENT Ltd analyses the pertinence of your project in relation to your company strategy. We study the financial structure of the company, the skills of the management team, the governance of the company. After the financial and organisational audit, we formalise your business case by determining the economic, commercial and financial model through the identification of the needs requiring funding and we proceed with the drafting of your detailed business plan.

BPACI Project Management


Analysis of Consumer Expectations

The consumer is constantly looking for pleasure and satisfaction. Knowing what consumers expect is essential to success.

This is why many companies carry out rigorous consumer tests in order to validate new products or concepts.

The aim is to develop products so that they are selected, bought and appreciated in order to build consumer loyalty.

The consumer study responds to two necessities for the manufacturers:

Measuring consumer satisfaction with :

  • Evaluate the performance of their products
  • Positioning yourself against the competition
  • Measuring market trends

Understanding consumer preferences to :

  • Improving products
  • Develop new products in response to unmet expectations

We allow our customers to have access to our database of product testers.

Advertise and Promote your Offers and Products

When launching a new product or a new offer, BPACI, through its expertise, offers you various options:

  • Creating skilled contacts
  • Provide business appointments
  • Hiring and managing sales staff
  • Managing your commercial activity
Training BPACI



BUSINESS PROJECT AND CAPITAL INVESTMENT Ltd, through its consultancy service for companies and public organisations, develops multimodal training offers. Our training courses are delivered in face-to-face, e-learning module and virtual classroom. Our ambition is to be a leader in management training and consulting.

Information System

BUSINESS PROJECT AND CAPITAL INVESTMENT Ltd assists many management teams of public and private organisations in their transformation projects. We provide competitive, technological and industrial intelligence to our clients.

Training BPACI